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Block Pricing: Price Ranges ©Tyche Softwares

WooCommerce Booking & Appointment: Reschedule, Edit & Better Manual Bookings

Right after releasing the major update v4.0, the Tyche Softwares team immediately started to work on version 4.1 of their Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce. As announced earlier, v4 is considered a launch pad for future features to come. Well, the first patch will arrive on 25th July including refurbished manual bookings.

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Revamped Booking Settings

Fixed Blocks
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Block Pricing: Fixed Block Booking ©Tyche Softwares

In an effort to improve usability, UI and UX, Tyche Softwares merged the pricing options Fixed Blocks and Price Ranges into a single tab called Block Pricing.

Blocks and price ranges are now saved in the post meta table and no longer in the custom plugin tables.

Booking Modification

Customers will be able to edit their booking details right on shopping cart and checkout pages. After clicking on the corresponding button, a pop up will appear that allows to edit bookings.

Customers are thus no longer required to delete a bookable product and add it back to the cart with the new details.

Reschedule Bookings

Reschedule Bookings
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My Account: Reschedule Bookings ©Tyche Softwares

Customers are now able to reschedule any placed bookings via the My Account page. Admins have the option to disable this feature though. Also they can set up to how many days in advance customers are allowed to reschedule bookings.

Reschedule Booking Email
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Reschedule Booking Notification Email ©Tyche Softwares

Once bookings are rescheduled, both admins and customers will receive notification emails.

Refurbished Manual Bookings

Manual Bookings 1
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Create A Manual Booking ©Tyche Softwares

Tyche Softwares also simplified the way of creating manual bookings. Just think of in-person sales or bookings made via phones. Admins no longer have to remove and add item meta data via the WooCommerce->Add Order page.

Manual Booking 2
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Manual Booking: Choose Start Date ©Tyche Softwares

Now there’s a shiny new page which allows you to either create new orders for bookable products or add bookable items to existing orders.

Booking Order
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Add Bookable Product To Order ©Tyche Softwares

On the WooCommerce->Edit Order page, you can edit the booking status and booking details as well as the quantity via the renamed Edit Booking link.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Apart from above new features and changes, Tyche Softwares added compatibility with the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension. However, this will not be available free of charge, but as a separate add-on which will be released soon.

As there are some database changes involved, you should (always) backup your entire site prior to updating to v4.1. Also they recommend to thoroughly test the update on a staging site first.

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Price Ranges
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