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Top Digital Marketing Trends That Will Remain Strong In 2020

It is 2020. Were you also a victim of the “New year, new me” epidemic? Well, instead of thinking about all that glamour and changing your strategy 180 degrees continually worrying about the future of digital marketing – be sane. Focus on what ROIs you need and work on them. With that said, here are some points to note in 2020 that was still going strong in 2019 but remain of significance this year as well.

Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

Here is the complete list of trends about the future of digital marketing that will remain strong in 2020. You need to understand that these trends aren’t new. We have been looking at them for at least the last two years. This year, they are becoming more significant because now we have the technologies to use them in our marketing strategies.

Smarter Ad Bidding

While automatic ad bidding is already a part of Google, Bing, and even Facebook, it was only until matching the keyword to the ad listing. In the last year, Google announced that auction-time bidding, the next level of smarter automated bidding, would become a de facto function of the AdWords keyword targeting strategy.

Smart automated bidding that includes Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Conversions, and Enhanced CPC can now be used on the digital campaign level, group level, and even on portfolio level. Moreover, smarter ad bidding will now include more interests than was previously available to the ad marketers.


Visualizations have become another core factor of almost any digital marketing solution. Especially if you have client-based work, then visualizations will play a crucial role in your business. Clients don’t usually understand digital marketing concepts unless you help them visualize. With platforms like Google Data Platform, Microsoft Power BI, creating attractive visualizations through data has now become more accessible than ever. Google, Pinterest, and many other companies are investing heavily to improve visual searches. Currently, visuals make around 19% of the total image searches on Google, and 62% of millennials say that they are interested in visual searches more than simple images.


Personalization is another vital trend to incorporate into your product. Why? Because personalization is what makes people turn from visitors to customers. Who is going to buy your product unless and until it is not targeted toward a specific person? Will ‘you’ or will ‘all’ work in helping me gain your attention?

Customers are getting flooded with messages all the time. It only takes a second for them to mute you or to ignore your message. Unless you find out what is the pain point of a customer and then create a personalized message for them accordingly. This means segmenting the people according to their pain points and then sending emails to them by using their first names. Or, to send push notifications to each customer by using their names. Even if these messages do nothing, they will at least help you get the attention of your customers. Now, you also need to understand that personalization strategies don’t work alone. They work in unison with other strategies like content marketing paid marketing, automated channel advertisements, and more. All of these combined will help you bring more people into the funnel.

As for companies wanting to evolve in the digital sector, the use of webinars in 2020 has clearly helped in having potential customers resonate with the brand. Regular use of the right digital tactic can end up being positive for companies as well.

Push Ads

We already know about banner ads, rich text ads, native ads, and slider ads, but these are already a norm. What’s new are push ads. On mobiles, desktop, and other places push ads not only help you get more clicks, but they also increase the number of purchases you make. Moreover, push ads to target people when they are the most interested. In banner ads, people can easily ignore a message, but when the push ads come in their notifications, they have to take action.

Shoppable Posts

Another emerging digital marketing trend are shoppable posts. People use mediums like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. You can easily create shoppable posts on most of these mediums. What shoppable posts do is that they allow users to purchase products in these posts easily.

In an Instagram post for example, a company can add products in an image. Once the image is clicked, it will open the product in a new activity. From there, users can directly buy the product by clicking on the ‘Checkout’ page. By the way, Shopify is also supporting this feature.

Interactive Emails

Google always remains at the top of its game. And, Gmail is one of its products that always upholds this motto. Gmail has now created emails like that of the Slack channel. In a Slack channel, you can add emojis, files, and even previous chat messages to a single thread. Similarly, you can do the same with Gmail’s new email templates. These interactive emails will help you swiftly manage your discussions and get more done.

Voice Search Will Pick Up Pace

Voice search will pick even more pace this year. The US market has become stagnant in the past few years, but the Chinese market is growing. It is said that in 2020, 50% of the searches will be made through voice search. What this means is that our keywords will change, and it will also impact our search tactics. It will also mean that more voice-based apps will enter the market. Since Google and Amazon already have an edge in the voice market, they will become the pioneers of voice-based app marketplaces.

Retention & Loyalty

Companies’ focus will change from acquisition to retention and brand loyalty. Most of the SaaS products will realize that it is more important to retain the customers then to run after the new ones.

Companies now aim to turn their already loyal customers into brand ambassadors. This means customer testimonials and the digital word of mouth is the next big thing for almost all digital companies.

Churn rate is another major problem for most companies because of omnipresent competition. The digital campaigns in 2020 will be around reducing the churn rate instead of on gaining more customers.


What many assumed to be experiments will become a norm, such as smarter bidding, visualizations, and retention of customers. Most of the digital marketing strategies in 2020 will focus on how to optimize sales funnels rather than on new experiments. This is because companies have now become focused, mature, and profit-oriented.

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Maazia is a digital marketing professional specializing in Wordpress and Affiliate Marketing. She currently works with TheWPHelp, a part of 51Blocks company.

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