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New Databases: Google Denmark & Google Belgium ©SE Ranking

SE Ranking: New Databases For Competitor SEO / PPC Research

Here comes a quick update about new SE Ranking news and features released in June. They added two new country databases to the Competitor SEO / PPC research tool as well as several new features for the competitor analysis. Also, their website is now available in Spanish and will be further localized.

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New Databases

They have rolled out two new databases for Competitor SEO / PPC research: Google Denmark with 12 million queries and Google Belgium with 2 million queries. Now, there is a total of 14 countries available in the SEO tool.

Filter By Country

Country Filter
New Competitor SEO / PPC Research Filter ©SE Ranking

There is a new country filter in the Competitor SEO/PPC research tool. Now you are able to see the number of detected keywords both in organic and paid search in all available databases when analyzing a domain in a specific country.

New View On Competitors

Big Players
Show / Hide Big Players Aka Websites ©SE Ranking

The Competitors sections is now hiding big websites which hold a lot of keywords that cross with yours, but don’t actually compete with you in the search such as Wikipedia or YouTube for instance. This allows you to instantly identify the real main or local players in your niche market. Do you want to view the entire list of competitors? No worries, simply change your preferences.

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