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Reach the Right People With Email Segmentation ©Mailjet

Mailjet Adds New Email Segmentation Conditions

Mailjet just announced new email segmentation conditions to help you refine your segments and optimize your emailing strategy. This way, you can easily reach the right people.

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New Segmentation Conditions

New Segment
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Create New Segment ©Mailjet

If you create segments based on email addresses, Mailjet’s new filters will help you find emails that “contain” or “do not contain”, “begins with” or “ends with” a sequence of letters. This helps you, for example, to target recipients and take actions such as removing addresses that begin with “support@”. You can also select all customers who work in a particular company and whose email addresses end with “”.

If a segment is based on the date, the new filters include “is NOT in the last” and “is NOT in the next”. This will help you, for example, to address recipients whose subscription renewal date is NOT in the next month (that is, the renewal date is stored as a contact property).

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Target Recipients Who Didn’t Open A Specific Campaign ©Mailjet

You can also resend a campaign to your non-openers aka recipients who didn’t open and read your newsletters and emails. Finally, you can also use a filter to identify recipients who didn’t click on a link or CTA in a specific campaign.

Why Is Segmentation Important

The point of email marketing is not just to create a message and send it to an entire audience, regardless of its relevance to individual contacts. According to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), marketers have seen a 760% increase in email revenue through segmented campaigns. The more relevant the message is to your subscriber, the more likely they are to respond.

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Email Segmentation
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