Chained Selects
Introducing Chained Selects ©Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms: Chained Selects Add-On Leaves Beta

A few days ago, Gravity Forms announced that the Chained Selects add-on has left beta and is now officially available.

Chained Selects

Enquiry Form
Enquiry Form With Year Make Model Drop-Downs ©Gravity Forms

Chained Selects allows you to create powerful cascading drop-downs with Gravity Forms such as Year/Make/Model for instance. For the drop-down layout you can either choose a horizontal row or a vertical column. Also you can prevent inactive drop-downs to be shown.

Year Make Model
Year Make Model Drop-Down Animation ©Gravity Forms


  • New field type: Chained Selects
  • Chain multiple drop-downs together to create a cascading field
  • Import choices via CSV files
  • Dynamic population of each drop-down in the chain via hooks & filters
  • Support of conditional logic
Conditional Logic
Support of Conditional Logic ©Gravity Forms

Please note that this is an Elite add-on which is only available to holders of a Gravity Forms Elite license at no additional cost.

More New Add-Ons

Also, Rocketgenius have released yet another two Advanced add-ons for Gravity Forms:

  • Webhooks: Pass data to 3rd party services or servers via webhooks
  • Pipe: Record & capture videos as a form field with GF & Pipe Video Recording Platform

Check Out The Gravity Forms Elite License »

Gravity Perks

Looking for some additional features to enhance the functionality of Gravity Forms such as conditional pricing, a “Terms of Service” field or an option to limit the number of choices for multi-choice fields? Gravity Perks is here to help!

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