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DigitalOcean: Managed Databases Now GA & Spaces Expands

DigitalOcean pushed out some exciting new updates to their cloud computing platform. Managed Databases for PostgreSQL are now generally available. Spaces gains custom subdomain support and expands to Frankfurt.

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Managed Databases For PostgreSQL

Since launching Managed Databases for PostgreSQL, it is pretty easy to spin up managed, worry-free database clusters.

“DigitalOcean’s Managed Databases have been a game changer. They’ve done a fantastic job of removing the complexity of setting up, tuning, and securing databases for production use.”
– Brad Kilshaw, Founder, Nivel Technologies

DigitalOcean just announced that Managed Databases for PostgreSQL is now generally available. In addition, they’ve introduced a free, integrated monitoring service that automatically provides insights and alerting for your databases.

You can monitor resource utilization like CPU, load average, memory, and disk. Additionally, you can monitor key indicators of database performance including connections, cache hit ratio, and sequential scans vs. index scans.

In order for existing Managed Database users to take advantage of the new, advanced monitoring insights, you need to update your database clusters to run the latest software.

In August 2019, DigitalOcean launched support for Redis and MySQL too.


DigitalOcean Spaces is an Object Storage service with a built-in CDN. With Spaces, you can easily store vast amounts of content, and then automatically distribute the data so your users can access it quickly.

Here’s what’s new with Spaces:

Custom Subdomains

You can now use your own custom subdomain URL to deliver assets, so you won’t need to expose your technology stack. It’s easy to upload an SSL certificate for your own subdomain or use a free one from Let’s Encrypt.

Spaces Object Storage Expansion

Spaces is now available in Frankfurt (FRA1), as well as San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Singapore, so you can store your data even closer to your customers.

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