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DigitalOcean: Spaces Object Storage Now With Built-In CDN

Shortly after the introduction of object storage in the SFO2 data center, DigitalOcean just announced Spaces CDN which allows you to deliver web assets up to 70% faster.

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Spaces CDN

Enable CDN
Deliver Web Assets With Global Edge Caching Technology ©DigitalOcean

Launching Spaces last year was the first step towards building a fast, simple and cost-effective way for developers and businesses to deliver their web assets. In a second step, DigitalOcean now brings you object storage with a built-in content delivery network (CDN) at no extra cost.

Their standard 1TB of free bandwidth and overage pricing for Spaces will include usage for the origin and CDN combined. By using distributed edge caching technology to deliver your web assets, your users will be happy to load pages up to 70% faster compared to pulling assets directly from a single origin. Engagement and conversion rates for your website should benefit from this increased page load performance.

Find out how to enable CDN on your Space:

  1. Sign in to the Spaces control panel
  2. Create a new Space
  3. Under the CDN section, click Enable CDN
  4. Optionally change the TTL (Time to Live) value to set how long content gets cached

Of course, you can still use Spaces with your current CDN provider such as KeyCDN for instance.

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