RMA For Magento 2 By Amasty
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Automate Product Returns Management ©Amasty

Amasty Announces Revised RMA Extension For Magento 2

Last week, Amasty announced a fully reinvented RMA for M2. The extension makes the returning process of products easier and faster for both customers and admins. Thus store admins will not lose customers’ requests, can research return reasons faster and spend time on more important tasks.

Effective Handling Of Product Returns & Refunds »

RMA For Magento 2

There are several benefits when using the revamped extension.

1. No need to call or email to start the returning process

RMA Form
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RMA Form ©Amasty

To start the returning process, customers fill in a short form within just 10 seconds.

Admins use the form to understand why they want to return goods, what is the condition of the items and whether customers would consider the exchange. They don’t need to contact customers to learn any important info.

2. Admins don’t lose return requests

RMA Requests
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RMA Requests ©Amasty

When your online store is huge, the number of returns gets bigger. Therefore it’s difficult for shop admins to manage them.

With the extension, admins won’t lose requests from customers, as they get all the requests in a special grid. No need to keep anything in mind or on those lovely Post-its. On the grid, admins can track statuses of every return and access them in one click.

3. Admins check the grid only when changes occur

RMA Management
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RMA Management ©Amasty

The extension shows a notification when a new return request comes in or when changes in an existing request occur. So, admins don’t need to check the grid every hour to control requests.

4. Admins work only with requests that need their actions

Pending RMA Requests
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Pending RMA Requests ©Amasty

The extension automatically moves requests that require customers’ actions to a separate grid. So, admins only see those requests that need their attention. The lower the number of the requests is — the easier admins can manage them.

5. Admins save time on communication with customers

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Chat With Customers In Admin Panel ©Amasty

Admins can chat with customers right in the admin panel. There’s a chat inside each request. That way, store admins don’t have to spend time on writing emails to customers or calling them. No need to leave the admin panel.

To respond faster in common situations, admins are able to set quick replies.
For example, admins know that customers rarely send photos of the goods they want to return. So, they can set the reply:

“Please provide us with additional details and attach photos if possible so that we can approve your request.”

Now they ask to send photos in one click and don’t have to create custom messages every time.

Effective Handling Of Product Returns & Refunds »

RMA For Magento 2 By Amasty
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