Advanced MSI for Magento 2
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Easily Split Inventory Among Multiple Warehouses ©Amasty

Amasty: Advanced MSI For Magento 2 Redeveloped

Amasty just updated their Advanced MSI (Multi Source Inventory) for Magento 2 extension which helps to choose a warehouse from which it’s cheaper to deliver orders.

Effectively Manage Inventory Across Multiple Locations »

M2 Advanced MSI

Multiple Warehouses
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Stock Management Optimization Of Multiple Warehouses ©Amasty

Sources are warehouses. Store admins create sources aka warehouses in the admin panel. Each source is defined by the latitude and longitude: they help the extension not to make a mistake with the location of the source while calculating. Then admins assign goods to sources. This way, the extension will not offer to deliver goods from the warehouse where they are not in stock. If you do not want to assign goods to sources manually, you can easily import stock as a CSV file.

Combine Stocks

The extension helps to combine stocks. If a store has several warehouses in different countries, it is useful to combine their stocks. For instance, the store works in Germany and Poland. The admin can easily combine stocks of the warehouses in each country and assign them to the proper store view. A user from Germany will only see goods that are available in German warehouses.

Decrease Shipping Cost

Source Selection Algorithm
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Source Selection Algorithm ©Amasty

The extension has four algorithms for selecting the cheapest warehouse to deliver goods. The admin applies the algorithms, compares delivery prices and chooses the cheapest option. Thus it helps to effectively decrease shipping costs.

  • By Source Priority
    You set the priority for each warehouse. The extension chooses the appropriate warehouse with the highest priority.
  • By Stock Availability
    The extension chooses the warehouse in which all the ordered goods are available. So there’s no need to split the orders and deliver from different warehouses.
  • By Distance
    The extension chooses the warehouse that is closer to the customer.
  • Combined Source Selection Algorithm
    You set the priority for the three previous algorithms. The extension applies them one by one to choose the appropriate warehouse.

The extension will also suit stores that rent warehouses and help to save money on shipping. You might also be interested in their Multi Warehouse Inventory for Magento 2 extension.

Effectively Manage Inventory Across Multiple Locations »

Advanced MSI for Magento 2
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