GDPR For Magento 2
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GDPR For Magento 2 ©Amasty

Amasty Rolls Out Big Update To GDPR For Magento 2

Last week, the Amasty team released a big update to their GDPR for Magento 2. Now the extension not only saves online stores from fines but also takes over the routine part of the work.

Make Your M2 Store Compliant With The GDPR »

Multiple Checkboxes

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Multiple Checkboxes ©Amasty

Previously, you could put one checkbox on the form asking for the user’s consent to the store’s Privacy Policy. Now you can put a few checkboxes on the form. It’s useful to ask users to confirm their age or consent to other documents such as the Terms & Conditions.

This way you will meet the local requirements of European countries. For example, in Belgium, people can consent to data processing when they are 13+ years old. If you have customers from Belgium, create a checkbox with an age confirmation for them.

Pass Personal Data To 3rd Parties Upon Request

Personal Data Export
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Personal Data Export ©Amasty

By law, a person may ask a store to pass personal data to third parties. For example, to another store. With the extension, admins will download a user’s data as a CSV file and send it to whoever they need. This way the online shop won’t get fined.

Automatically Delete Personal Data

Personal Data Deletion
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Automatic Personal Data Deletion ©Amasty

By law, personal data may not be stored more than is necessary. For example, some stores collect personal data from orders for 4 months to report to the tax office. After 4 months, the data should be deleted. If they don’t delete it, the store may receive a fine.

It’s difficult to remember to delete data and do it manually. That’s why Amasty added an option to do it automatically. You will just tell the extension after what time to delete data and it do it for you.

Make Your M2 Store Compliant With The GDPR »

Finally, the extension allows you to choose how often you ask for consents. You can either ask users for their consent to process data every time or only after your Privacy Policy has changed.

With the first option, you will be sure that users have not forgotten about their consent, and they will have no claims to the store. With the second option, you will not irritate users with checkboxes.

GDPR For Magento 2
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