How To Reduce Support Requests With Just One Single Widget

Providing a professional, all-embracing customer support is quintessential for the success of online projects of any sizes. No matter if it’s an online store or a SaaS app. However, that’s where all the...

HumCommerce – An Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tool

Having a website or online shop is one thing. Simply use Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop or Shopify along with a beautiful theme. Knowing how visitors interact with your site is the other. To achieve this...

Fontspring: Four New Sans Serif Fonts With Style in Spades

Fontface, the Fontspring Font Review, has published four new typefaces in their December 2018 issue. These new sans serif font families have style in spades. Mohr Rounded The latest addition to Latinotype’s...

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